Excel Multi-Purpose Soft Closing Basket

Excel Multi-Purpose Soft Closing Basket

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Excel Multi-Purpose Soft Closing Basket

From $188.00



This soft closing pull out wire basket is a versatile kitchen device that would improve your productivity and efficiency multiple times. The basket stands out due to its comprehensiveness wherein adequate space provision has been made for storing multiple kitchen utensils/ cutleries. A number of compartments of varying depths within the basket allows for stacking plates, pans, bottles, knives etc. with absolute ease and elegance.

The strategic and ergonomic design ensures that depositing or drawing items from the basket occur without any obstruction. Along the length of the basket on either side, a series of hooks parallel to each other has been provided. These hooks can be used for suspending knives, spoons, ladles or other items that have a hole in their handles. You can order the basket in different dimensions to meet your exact needs. The body of the basket constitutes of a series of cylindrical bars that form a wired structure to support various items. At the either edge on the rear of the basket are two strips which can be used for mounting the basket on wall or any other suitable structure.

The wider compartment can be used for storing sauce or other bottles whereas the slimmer section is adequate for holding plates etc. The wire dividers keep the items from chafing against each other. The soft closing nature of the basket muffles any jarring noise that may otherwise be generated while handling the items. The price of the basket has been kept very competitive compared to the utility offered. The basket would prove highly advantageous in commercial kitchens.

High quality industry grade steel has been used for manufacturing the basket. This construction renders it immune to rusting or corrosion. Cleaning or washing the basket is easy and can be carried out with ease. Order the product now before stocks run out.

Material: Steel
Finish: Polished Chrome

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46.5*25.5*44cm, 46.5*35.5*44cm



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